Poker Strategy

It is often said that it takes a short time to learn a poker strategy, but it takes an eternity to master it. And that’s true. It is a mistake to assume that you can become a good poker player in a short amount of time or without studying. Poker is not a game that you play with a little gut feeling and a prayer when entering in the best online casinos. Poker is work, work, work. And most of that poker work is done away from the tables, learning the right poker strategy and improving and challenging your own game.

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Poker strategy is much more than choosing the right starting hands and learning odds and outs. Poker is an incredibly complex game and there are countless different situations that need to be reevaluated. Every hand and every decision can be planned well and correctly (instead of just going crazy), every opponent can be analyzed and every move can be evaluated. We, therefore, present the hit list of the biggest and most common mistakes in Texas Hold’em, especially for poker beginners (you can learn more about other types of poker at

Position is ignored

The position is one of the most important factors in poker. The later you are in the round, the better. You have more information and can react to the actions of your opponents. The bottom basically has the best position. The better the position, the sooner a hand becomes playable.

Being too aggressive

While it generally makes sense to play aggressively in poker, timing matters. If you assume that your opponent has a passable to good hand, you shouldn’t try desperately to push him out with high stakes. At a full table with 8 to 10 players, you should be aware that usually, one or more players have pretty good hands. Aggressive play can be very expensive.

Too readable

Many beginners bet exactly according to the value of their hand. Experienced players read them like an open book. Vary your game from the beginning and give as little information as possible. Don’t freak out when you get aces and don’t look dead sad if you get a bad hand again.

Wrong bet amount

A big problem for newbies in the best live online casinos is that their stakes are either way too low or way too high. For example, on the turn, it makes no sense to only bet 1 pound on a pot of 25 pounds. If they have a good hand, not enough will get into the pot. If you want to bluff with a bad hand, don’t push anyone out of your hand. Use the pot size as a guide for the bet size. As a very rough guideline, it often makes sense to bet half to two-thirds of the pot.

Too many starting hands are being played

Many beginners are ‘there’ far too often. In general, you should only play around 10 to 30% of the starting hands at a full table in order to avoid unprofitable and expensive betting rounds. KT-suited may look good, but you can lose a lot of money with it, especially at a full table.

Failure to respect the number of players at the table

Beginners in any new online casinos particular often do not understand that the value of their own hand decreases as the number of players at the table increases. For example, at a table of 8 players, the A8 offsuit is not a particularly good hand and should usually be folded in a poor position. But if you only play in twos or threes, A8-offsuit becomes a bomb hand – because there are simply not that many hands involved.